Our Difference


Omnisol is a patented, EPA-registered, innovative antimicrobial product.

It is fully biodegradable and non-toxic, continuously killing pathogens for up to 90 days (the longest available coverage time currently on the market). Omnisol bonds to any surface (Porous or Non-Porous) and dries within 35 minutes of application. Omnisol is odorless, colorless, will not stain clothing, and has no negative effects on keyboards and/or electronics.

Our Approach

Evaluate Your Needs

Our staff will evaluate your needs by doing a walk-thru/talk-thru of your facilities, measuring and identifying any issues that may need any additional attention. This process will help us to know which applicators to use and how much product will be required.


Once the evaluation process is complete, we will then compile a quote and/or service proposal that fits your needs and time schedule. The price is based on a square foot treated area and will be included in the proposal.

Review Proposal

After we have reached a consensus regarding the proposal, we review the proposal with you and schedule your cleaning. You will be notified with the name of the certified technician that will be in the facility when the application process begins. If needed, the entire treatment process can be applied after normal school or business hours.

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