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Stop at Disinfecting

Our mission is to assist in reopening our nation by mitigating and preventing the devastating effects COVID-19 has had on our society.

The RMBHS Difference

Infectious disease prevention is the key to reopening our schools, our businesses, and our nation. We at RMBHS, a Colorado-based company, know how to take on challenging environmental health concerns and are ready to work on your prevention plans.


Rocky Mountain Bio Health Solutions has leveraged years of experience in


Our process includes collaborating with you to build a tailored disinfectant approach for your facility and needs.


We use patented anti-microbial self-disinfecting nano-coating and electrostatic equipment & nanotechnology to apply.


RMBHS’s process and solutions protect your home, your office, and your well-being for 90 days (longest protection currently available, inspired by nature!)


To mitigate the spread of disease by surface touch, chemical disinfection will need to be applied on a continuing basis, which is an impractical approach due to concerns with cumulative toxicity and short-lived effectiveness.

However, with the use of our patented proprietary Omnisol® products, we are able to eliminate disease-causing pathogens such as COVID-19. Once applied, our product continues to protect for up to 90 days with a consistent 99.99% efficacy rate.

Our Cleaning and Disinfection Work Plan

We have made the fight against COVID-19 our priority and are proud to announce our Cleaning and Disinfection Work Plan for COVID-19 that has been approved by a Certified Industrial Hygienist through The American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

Our work plan addresses all necessary health & safety issues and Cleaning and Disinfection elements using guidance provided by the CDC and EPA.

Our exclusive products are:

• GLP Lab Tested
• EPA Registered
• Omnisol Smart Touch Disinfectant EPS Reg #82972-1-88566
• Omnisol RTU (Ready to Use) EPA Reg #87583-3
• FDA Approved
• Protective and Effective


Reduction in microbes

Our products have been tested in 3 different hospitals with a 98.7 to 99.99% reduction in harmful bacteria and microbes.

Our disinfectants are EPA approved for killing COVID-19, as well as:

Omnisol Protects Our Users

Canine Coronaviruses

E. coli


Hepatitis C


Human Coronaviruses

Influenza A H1N1





and More!

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