Who We Help

Who We Help

We provide solutions and products to help businesses all over the world protect surfaces where people gather in frequent high numbers like medical facilities, public transportation, schools, government offices, shopping centers, theaters, auditoriums and churches to name a few.

We believe in providing transparent information. We can help our end users make informed decisions and empower them with solutions that help keep them safe and our environment safer.

A Revolutionary Blend of Medical-Grade Disinfectant

We use a meticulous revolutionary blend of medical-grade disinfectant, combined with our long-term antimicrobial barrier surface protectant, that creates an inhospitable environment at the molecular level, killing and inhibiting, not only bacteria and viruses on contact but also odor and stain-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and algae.

Our preservative antimicrobial coating can be applied to:




Locker Rooms

Sports Gear, Equipment, and Mats



Cloth Furniture

Interior HVAC Systems

Food Contact Surfaces

Protected Environments:

Athletic & Fitness

Keep your athletes healthy and safe from harmful germs by getting your locker rooms and sporting facility OmniSol Plus protected. Safeguard the spaces and equipment where athletes, clients, and staff live to be healthier. The BPUs system can safely treat both porous and non-porous workout surfaces such as gym equipment, locker rooms, carpets, showers, mats, and even reception areas.


Protect your patient’s and employee’s health by providing a new standard of cleanliness when your healthcare facility is OmniSol Plus Protected. The OmniSol Plus system will complement and augment your current cleaning protocol for increased cleanliness assurance, whether in an operating room or hospital room, cafeteria, or reception area. The OmniSol Plus system can be used to treat beds, equipment, linens, and curtains where the spread of non-public health bacteria can happen.


Offer your students and faculty a protected environment by applying the OmniSol Plus system to facility areas such as classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, libraries, locker rooms, restrooms, desks, carpets, interior HVAC systems, and food contact surfaces.

VA, Correctional, & Government

Protect VA patients and essential workers from non-public health bacteria, mold, and mildew when your facilities are OmniSol Plus Protected. The OmniSol Plus system can be used to treat surfaces and areas such as examination rooms, reception and office areas, cafeteria spaces, including food-contact surfaces, along with employee’s uniforms, linens, and curtains.

Commercial Laundry

Protect your employees and facility from bacteria, mold, and mildew by preventing cross-contamination from soiled linens by getting your commercial laundry facility and linens OmniSol Plus Protected. Implement the BPUs system to treat your laundry facility and equipment, as well as using OmniSol Plus’s laundry textile treatment and softener to protect against odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, staining, and degradation of your linens.

Industrial, Manufacturing, & Warehousing

Keep your employees, equipment, and products protected from non-public health bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae getting your facility OmniSol Plus Protected. The OmniSol Plus System can be used to treat your warehouse, production line equipment, and workspace, as well as employee locker rooms, break rooms, restrooms, and offices.


Protect your most valued assets, your family, pets, and home from non-public health bacteria by getting your home OmniSol Plus Protected. Why not add to your ‘clean home’ with the OmniSol Plus system, which can be safely applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, carpeting, hardwood, furniture, decks, pools, interior HVAC system, and food-contact surfaces.

Auto, Marine, & Vessels

Protect your passengers and crew members from mold and mildew by getting your vehicles and vessels OmniSol Plus Protected. The OmniSol Plus System can be applied to more than the interior of vehicles and vessels; clean and protect surfaces such as decks, bilge pumps, seating, fabric, leather, fiberglass, HVAC systems, carpeting, and even engine rooms.


Reduction in microbes

Our products have been tested in 3 different hospitals with a 98.7 to 99.99% reduction in harmful Bacteria and microbes.

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